AI Travel Startups Set to Modernise Travelling Experiences for Future Travellers

TraveloGuide Insight
3 min readDec 8, 2020

The advent of AI travel startups amid Covid is likely to modernise the travel, tourism and hospitality sector like never before. Besides streamlining business processes, use of AI has helped various travel firms to improve the overall efficiency of hotels, resorts, airlines and travel operators. On the part of travellers, AI helps to estimate lodging availability and compare pricing of different packages.

The sudden striking of the pandemic has speeded up the advancement of the hospitality sector which is now upgrading its existing set up to lure conscious travellers who like moving with the times. Various AI travel startups have utilised this opportunity to expand their business.

London-based tech start-up — Airportr helps passengers by picking up their luggage from doorstep and checking it in for them at the Gatwick or Heathrow airports. With the help of digital bag tag receipts, customers can track the location of their bags at all times. The firm has collaborations with big airlines like British Airways, Qantas, American Airlines and a lot more. Since international arrivals are estimated to reach 2.3 billion by 2030, which is almost double the current number, a firm that can take away the hassle will be in demand in future.

Following similar lines, Singapore’s travel firms have started incorporating AI-powered systems under their digital strategy. To improve future travelling experiences, AI travel startups like Vouch and Travelstop have added new tac tics to their former plans.

Founded in 2017, Vouch start up sells an AI-enabled digital concierge which can answer guest inquiries, take room service orders and make bookings. With the use of its advanced chat bots, famous Singaporean hotels including Andaz Singapore and Pan Pacific are conducting health declarations, offering contactless ordering for dine-in services and managing crowd control.

On the other hand, Travelstop works to simplify business travel using server less SaaS platform which will speed up the booking process and provide cost-saving insights for travellers. Since most firms are now looking forth to digitise workflows and kick start a work from home culture, such AI travel startups will witness good revenues in the times to come.

Moreover, several hotels have now infused AI-operated software in their rooms to attract tourists. Since Google Home, Amazon Echo and Alexa are in demand at the moment, the AI travel startups that help in installation of these software have benefitted a lot. Such tools will ease the lives of modern business travellers, who earlier felt technological depravity in hotels.

As the number of AI travel startups is increasing each day, the future of the digital travel sector will encourage comfortable and easy travelling. Technology will surely be the best friend of humans!