Art Lovers Locked Inside Homes Can Virtually Visit Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum

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3 min readMay 7, 2020

Art lovers locked inside homes can virtually visit Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum.
Social distancing due to COVID-19 is preventing visitors from enjoying the world’s popular art galleries and museums. In light of this, authorities around the world have shut down all such sites.

Amid such circumstances, several museums have turned to advanced technology in order to entertain people directly from their homes.

Famous museums in the UAE — Louvre Abu Dhabi and Jameel Arts Centre, are promoting online activities, such as virtual walkthroughs of art exhibitions. For giving full access to historical and art collections, websites such a ‘Museum with No Frontiers’ are taking the initiative to spread knowledge about history by using digital means.

Traditionally held at the Jaddaf Sculpture Park, this time the festivities by the Jameel Arts Centre are being held online. As part of the Jaddaf Aloud initiative, they have introduced a range of artistic programmes that can help you pass time at home.

Open to virtual viewership till May 30, the ‘Furusiyya: The Art of Chivalry between East and West’ exhibition launched online by the Louvre Abu Dhabi, is a great way to pay homage to the medieval knights and their values of honour and faith. The exhibition includes a detailed visual presentation of several objects from the Islamic and Christian cultures.

As stated by the Scientific, Curatorial and Collections Management Director of Louvre Abu Dhabi-Dr. Souraya Noujaim, “These values were shared by both the social groups in the West and in the East. The artworks [at the exhibition] illustrate the groups’ common goals and interests [such as] the art of hunting, the art of falconry, games such as polo and chess.”

The virtually available exhibition includes artworks of interest in French, Arabic and English language. It can also be enjoyed via a VR headset directly from home. The official website of the Lauvre Abu Dhabi also has content designed specially to entertain kids. A wide range of activities on the website could be used for digital learning. The creative children-oriented materials can be accessed via the museums social media accounts too.

The easily accessible “Art From Home” section of the website showcases artworks, including Buddha heads from China and India. One can also use the museum’s mobile application having 150 multimedia materials, which can be enjoyed in Arabic, German, Hindi, English, Mandarin and Russian.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi museum is an active participant of the “CulturAll” project by the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Emirates, which has been specially design to virtually bring several Emirate’s landmarks closer to the art enthusiasts.