Bahrain Tour Itinerary to Help You Soak in the Kingdom

Bahrain Tour Itinerary

One visit to Middle East’s Bahrain is enough to realise that the region has a lot of the hidden beauties. Bahrain has a range of museums, mosques, water parks and ace restaurants to help you witness the unexplored. If you wish to add a little extra flavour and fun to your next trip, take a look at this Bahrain tour itinerary –

Start your day with Freshly Brewed Coffee


To kick start your day with some energy boost, you could head over to the Roast Coffee Roastery in Saar, Bahrain. You can also participate in their public cupping sessions, if you want to opt for sample tasting. Having floor to ceiling windows, this café will give you all the outdoor sitting feels while you relish eating those lovely sandwiches, salads and cakes. If you are a book lover, try visiting the Neo Books & Coffee in Bahrain. Their blueberry crumb cake, flat white and raw candy is to die for! If you want to experience France in Bahrain, is your place. This place represents the culture, history and civilisation of France.

Hit Straight to the Bahrain National Museum & Al Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve

What better than exploring beautiful architecture close to a beachfront location!

For the fans of wildlife species, the Al Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve is a must visit

Al Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve, Bahrain

Explore Manama Souq: Authentic Street Market of Bahrain

Manama Souq, Bahrain

Don’t forget to enjoy some delicious mulberries from roadside vendors and eat the exquisite chocolate shawarma at a contemporary Middle eastern restaurant — Bayti. Imagine eating chocolate dipping sauce with delicious shawarma!!!

Shop at City Centre Bahrain

City Centre, Bahrain

Witness the grandeur of Arabic architecture in Al Fatih Grand Mosque

Al Fatih Grand Mosque, Bahrain

Word of caution: Make sure you follow proper dress code before entering the mosque.

Pearl Diving & Gravity Indoor Skiing for Adventurer

Pearl Diving, Bahrain

If you are a big fan of the waters, go for Pearl Diving in the Al Dar Islands. You might get a chance to snorkel for oysters in shallow, clear waters. You will rejoice saying hello to friendly dolphins and can also find pearls. For a thrilling experience, make sure you include gravity indoor skydiving in your Bahrain tour itinerary. At the Gravity Indoor Skydiving centre in Zallaq, you have to jump without a parachute from a height of 12 meters to get an adrenaline rush. But don’t worry its completely safe!

Nurana Island

Nurana Island, Bahrain

If you wish to spend some time walking with your loved ones, include Nurana Island to your Bahrain tour itinerary.

Bahrain tour itinerary

Since Bahrain’s weather is extremely hot and it’s not very pedestrian-friendly, make sure you use Uber over local taxis. Local taxis might charge you a bit more than necessary.

Time to start planning!!

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