Best Parliament Houses Known for Their Uniqueness Around the World

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3 min readSep 1, 2020

Parliament building of every country is a great reflection of the country’s culture, beliefs and the ideas it strongly believes in. Like any other public building, it presents an insight about the history of the region mixed with modern-day architecture. Here are some of the best parliament houses you must visit if you plan a visit to the respective countries –

Kuwait National Assembly, Kuwait City

The coastal city of the Persian Gulf — Kuwait has completely transformed over the past few decades. Counted as one of the best parliament houses of the world, the architecture of Kuwait National Assembly’s building reveals the complex political scenarios of the country. For designing the building, world renowned Danish architect Jørn Utzon, combined various architectural motifs from the local Arab culture. For instance, the Bedouin tent has been made using a colonnade of poles supporting a curved concrete canopy with a modernist method. Utzon got the inspiration for making the building hallways from his previous visit to Iran.

The Red House, Port of Spain

Spain is famous all over the world for its architectural marvels, yet the most notable one is the Red House. Besides being blazed by an angry mob during the water riots of 1903, this building has also seen the prime-minister being held hostage by an armed man who infiltrated the house of representatives in the 1990’s.

The Red House stands tall as a significant example of the cultural heritage of Trinidad and Tobago. Its architecture is made of Beaux-Arts style. One of the most amazing feature of the Chamber is its ceiling made with Wedgwood blue and white gesso work.

Cambodia National Assembly, Phnom Penh

The Cambodia National Assembly represents national traditions with pure local architecture. The building’s embellishments make it look like a Buddhist temple to most visitors. It reflects the transition between Cambodia’s community past, the revival of monarchy and following democratic process. Listed among the best parliament houses of the world, the design of this building was inspired from the lost city of Long-Vek.

The Palace of Parliament, Romania

Located in Bucharest, this parliament is counted among the largest political structure in the world. The 330,000 sq-metre building, having more than 3000 rooms, can be seen from the inside only by a prior booked guided tour. Most of the materials used in the making are of Romanian origin.

The Reichstag, Germany

The Reichstag is the hub of German politics since the late 90’s. It’s large glass dome offers a 360-degree view of the surrounding Berlin cityscape. The natural light radiating the parliament offers the most exquisite spectacle. You can visit the dome only by prior registration.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the best parliament houses of the world!