Business Travellers’ Post Brexit Touring Plans Might Need Revaluation as Per New Rules

Ever since the UK left the EU on Dec. 31, 2019, the business travel industry has entered a chaotic phase. Forced with the urgency to grapple with new trading and visa-related rules, all post Brexit touring plans will have to be reconsidered. As stated by the 1259-page Brexit trade agreement, short-term business travellers have been mandated to have work permits listing proper details of their stay.

Various industry leaders and employees of the travel industry have affirmed that the new rules do not really minimise the paperwork for business travel. Many claim that the new entry requirements and permissions will problematise fast travelling in the urban world. This is because travellers will now be expected to know the visa terms and travel conditions of each country before planning their visits.

Apart from non-essential visitors from a handful of exempt countries, including New Zealand, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Romania, citizens from all countries will have to plan business tours as per the new rules.

Even though there are no time based restrictions on EU citizens staying in other EU countries, all UK passport holders will be allowed to visit only for a total of up to 90 days in a 180-day period. Due to the new rules, travel managers will have to plan their employees’ expeditions, paying special attention to the passport validity and the health insurance cards.

For a smooth execution of the post Brexit touring plans, visitors shall carry documentation listing the proof of their return or onward trip and enlist the source of their financial income on their stay. To ensure a hassle-free travel experience, law firms are advising people to carry a letter that will include details of their post Brexit touring plans and details of their company besides the basic documentation.

As there is a slight disparity in professional qualifications that are recognised in the EU and the UK, business travellers will have to pre-check the value of their degree prior to planning their visit. All the UK passport holders will not be permitted to carry meat or milk to the EU countries on their post Brexit touring plans. If any business traveller is carrying the goods for sale, they will have to get proper customs declaration.

Apart from affecting the lives of trade firms, the new rules will tarnish post Brexit touring plans of musicians, dancers and other performers too. Henceforth, any person planning to perform in multiple EU countries will have to work on getting separate visas. This will not just lead to additional costs, but also require more time in planning. The issue has encouraged many musicians to speak against the rules via an online petition, which has garnered over 175,000 signatures from artists.

Since the UK government has made special arrangements for Switzerland, cultural professionals can visit there without a work permit. The requirement of minimal paperwork will surely lure more business travellers to visit the country in future.

Although presenting multiple challenges at the moment, the new Brexit travel rules will change the face of business travelling for all UK citizens entering the EU.

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