Chinese Tourist Agencies Comeback Plan Beneficial for Global Travel Sector

After successfully combating coronavirus, China’s travel sector is bracing itself for the next step. Besides promoting domestic tourism, Chinese tourist agencies are now trying to utilise this time to work on their social image. Since most travellers have been stuck at home all this while, people spent long hours planning their future trips based on the social value of a particular destination, hotel and even restaurant.

Various Chinese tourist agencies, including Group have reported revenue growth due to the recovery of domestic tourism in the third quarter. Since social media is the primary source of making informed travel decisions, various OTAs and hotel players in China are adopting livestreaming to boost the demand for travel packages. Some travel firms are working on diversifying their digital engagement with ‘cloud travel’ that will encourage people to interact with them.

To increase foothold in the global travel market, Chinese tourist agencies are tracking the development status of upcoming travel bubbles and closely monitoring countries with good medical infrastructure. Following these lines, travel and tour operators working in other countries must also keep a check on which country is likely to get early vaccination. They should keep an eye on both domestic and destination security policies.

Chinese tourist agencies are expecting a boost in bookings post the news of Pfizer’s vaccine. CEO of Group has expressed firm belief that the industry should be able to overcome travel challenges soon after the mass production of vaccine is made available to the world.

Although, Chinese travel growth is much faster as compared to the rest of the world, the industry is careful about planning cross-border trips in future. Meanwhile, China’s famous online travel agency — TripAdvisor (managed by Group) has been banned by the Cyberspace administration in a move to ‘clean up’ the internet. The move, although taken due to rising US-China tensions, will lay major impact on China’s travel sector which was otherwise nearing to a blooming stage.

Even though there is no denying the fact that the global travel market will take a long time to return to normal, the steps being followed by the Chinese tourist agencies will speed up the process of recovery.




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