Covid-19 Quarantine Encouraging Coexistence: Pets Make Social-Distancing Easier

The flourishing culture of work from home during Covid-19 Quarantine has brought with it some cons too. At a time when people are stuck at home unable to visit gyms, the active commute from home to work has also come to a total closure. In such a situation, many of us are finding it difficult to cope with our anxiety issues. Reports have suggested that fostering a pet can be a great option for people feeling lonely at home.

Animal shelters all over the world are witnessing turbulences as the governments have ordered to reduce staff members. To deal with Covid-19 quarantine in a better manner, several animal welfare organisations have reduced the cost of adopting a pet by half. The reduced costs will encourage people to adopt animals temporarily. Others like the Australian Animal Protection Society have stopped accepting new animals due to lack of staff and funds.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSCPA) claims that they are concerned about the impact of the crisis. As per Senior Scientific Officer at RSPCA — Dr Sarah Zito, the loss of work or income has made it difficult for people to afford pet food and vet care bills. He added that it is highly likely that people will surrender their pets amid the Covid-19 quarantine.

Some animal shelters, like the Kearney Area Animal Shelter in the US, have switched to online adopting. To ease management of pets during the Covid-19 quarantine, startups like Petcube are preparing guides for pet parents. The startup is helping pet parents by providing online vet consultations, listing ways to keep pets entertained at home and sharing pet grooming techniques via their website.

Another startup — Floap, which is based in Bengaluru, has launched online consultations with trainers, groomers and other pet care providers. They have also started helpline numbers that can be reached via calls or texts.

Sources claim that people living with pets have shown reduced rates of mental anxiety and are feeling much more relaxed as compared to others.

Clearly, adopting a pet during the pandemic is a great option for people dealing with loneliness, especially for travellers who are habitual of wandering from one country to another. Having a fur ball right next to when you feel the need for some comfort is a great way to ease the distressed traveller in you! What better than learning coexistence with dogs and cats!

In case you are unable to manage a quarantine companion, you can always help the animal shelters who are in dire need of donations in the existing crisis.

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