Covid-19 Self Isolation: Not Letting a Crisis Go to Waste

For someone like me who has always been on the roll with one thing or another in life, this self-isolation time is surely a tough one to deal with. Looking at the brighter side, I am trying to make the most of this time and doing everything that I have been procrastinating since long. As of now, I am hopeful of continuing most of these activities even post Covid-19.

1. House-Cleaning Made Fun

As a working woman running into everyday 9 to 5 hassle, cleaning the house has always been a challenge for me. Now that I have sufficient time at hand, I am mindful of utilising it to get the dirt out of all those ignored corners. The cherry on the cake is that this task of house-cleaning which otherwise felt like a humungous task now seems much easier as I am getting more time with my parents. Isn’t that such an add-on?

2. Fitness Charts High

Delaying everyday workouts and keeping a check on my mental health has been a regular story for me. Sounds Relatable? Post government advice of self-isolation, I have been trying to practise new workout routines everyday as I don’t have to worry about going to work with a sore body post workout. Youtube Fitness experts -Nikki Blackketter, Jen Sinkler are helping for sure!

3. Colour Therapy to Settle Anxiety

For keeping those anxiety levels on the lower side, I have been practicing Colour therapy. The visual satisfaction of putting bright colours into a beautiful mandala has been working well for me. The Secret Garden by Johanna Basford and Calm Colouring by Graham Leslie McCallum are some of my favourite colouring books.

4. Amping up the Greenery Quotient

Having lived in the countryside for a long time, the busy streets of the city and the unclean air have aggravated my longing for greenery. In this self-isolation time, I am making friends with baby plants planted using fruit or vegetable seeds available at home. What better than improving the city’s AQI with our individual efforts!

5. Catching the Netflix Couch

I have always been avoiding spending hours stuck to a television screen simply because of the lethargic feeling that it escalates. But this Covid-19 self~isolation time does permit being tiny bit lazy. Currently, I am enjoying watching some Netflix series recommended by my friends, including ‘She’, ‘Friends’, Money Heists, ‘The Crown’ and the list goes on.

6. Improved Professional Self

Work from home has always been the wish of many of us. Although it seemed easy in the beginning, it has made me realise the responsibilities I have towards the company I work for! And without a boss right next to me! This is one thing which will surely help me grow in my professional career.

Well, there’s a lot of time to be productive in this world and having spent most of my life in the rat race of doing something productive, this time I am focusing more on doing what makes me happy and helps me deal with this global pandemic even if it is somewhat ‘unproductive’. Of course, that being said, I can’t wait for life to get back to normal but for now ‘Gratitude’ is what’s growing!