Covid’s Impact on Tourism Jobs Troubles Industry Despite Travel Resumption

2020 has been a year of unexpected challenges and heightened losses for most people around the world. Due to subsequent travel restrictions, the virus’ impact on tourism jobs has left thousands of people without a source of income.

As per recent data released by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), by the end of this year, nearly 174 million jobs are likely to be lost. Since travel restrictions have now been uplifted from several parts of the world, the number has dropped from the previous estimate of 197 million.

In case travel bans are eased further, the Council estimates that 31 million jobs could be saved by the end of 2020. According to President of WTTC — Gloria Guevara, “Our latest data reveals the gravity of the long-term negative impact facing the global Travel & Tourism sector, if we don’t work together to resume international travel immediately”.

For encouraging strong international coordination to re-establish effective operations in the tourism sector, the WTTC had presented a 100 million jobs recovery plan few weeks ago. Sources claim the WTTC Jobs Recovery Plan will help to reduce Covid’s impact on tourism jobs across all G20 countries, including Spain. The Asia-Pacific region could save nearly 45.8 million jobs with this plan. Almost 20.2 million Americans and 19.9 million Europeans will also benefit from this.

Emphasising on the urgent need to minimise Covid’s impact on tourism jobs, Guevara said, “The sector’s recovery will be delayed even further, with more jobs lost, unless quarantines are replaced with rapid, cost-effective testing at airports on departure, and air corridors. The longer we wait, the more the ailing Travel & Tourism sector faces total collapse”.

Anticipating future losses, Turkey’s tourism sector has announced plans to look for alternative markets to boost country’s GDP in the coming years. As per the Head of the Professional Hotel Managers Association of Turkey (POYD) — Ulkay Atmaca, the goal this year is to keep most facilities open amid the pandemic and be better prepared for 2021. Other countries must also follow Turkey’s model to cover the losses incurred in the tourism sector so far.

The pandemic will surely come to an end someday or at least be controlled. But the travel and hospitality industry won’t be the same ever. Over the past few months, hoteliers, airlines and other members of the travel and hospitality sector have started emphasising on sustainable eco-tourism. For minimising the environmental impact of luxurious travelling, the sector will surely need more hands, thereby generating job opportunities for many people in the coming years.

As they say there is always light at the end of the tunnel! Maybe not now, but soon Covid’s impact on tourism jobs will work for the better.




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