Despite Reduced Profits, Travel Gear Firms Contribute in Fight Against Coronavirus

Based on the Global Business Travel Association, the coronavirus outbreak has led to a huge loss of approximately $122.5 billion a month to the travel service providers and travel management companies. Even in such severe circumstances, travel gear firms are coming up with campaigns to provide relief to hospitality workers, health care professionals and others most affected by the virus.

Based in Llanberis, a climbing gear manufacturer-DMM has started producing components for critical care ventilators on their CNC machines. Moreover, the firm is discussing with NHS procurement if their sewing department can create face shields or masks. A survival gear brand-BCB International has begun making PPE kits for the police. Sources claim that these handy-sized kits contain 80 % alcohol-based hand sanitizer, protective gloves and a face mask.

Abouldering kit manufacturing firm in Pennsylvania — Organic Climbing has now started producing face masks in their “solar-sewn” sewing facility.

Several travel gear firms are contributing to ease the ongoing crisis by various kinds of donations to the organisations working to control the spread of the virus. A travel gear manufacturer-Peak Design has promised to donate 100 percent of profits from the launch of its new travel tripod to the CDC Foundation and Climate Neutral.

The Brooklyn-based startup is donating $10 from purchases of its travel bags to the emergency-assistance non-profit Direct Relief. The US headquartered non-profit organisation is providing protective equipment and other medical necessities to medical workers actively working in the coronavirus outbreak.

The global manufacturer of messenger bags and backpacks -Chrome Industries has initiated a Give 20 or Get 20 fund raiser. As per this, buyers of travel gear can choose to give 20 percent to the One Fair Wage Emergency Fund that provides financial assistance to unemployed hospitality workers or opt for a 20 percent discount. In case, the buyer opts out of donation, the firm promises to donate a portion of the purchase to control the coronavirus outbreak.

Besides providing monetary aid to fight against coronavirus, travel gear firms are also releasing guidelines about disinfecting luggage bags and other things after returning from a trip. As per these, passport case, cellphone, handles of luggage bags and the outsides of suitcase need to be cleaned thoroughly.

Even though the travel industry is undergoing huge losses currently, analysts claim that post Covid-19 the industry will surely witness huge profits as most travelers are eager to return to their escapades.