EU’s Vaxproof Document Plans Might Be the Saviour Travel Industry Needs

Aiming to saviour the sinking travel industry, the EU is working to initiate a vaxproof document that will work as a vaccine certificate and ease travelling across the 27 EU nations. Although the plan might ease commute between the regions, the European Commission is estimating that it will introduce an unanticipated divide among the member nations.

Even as many countries prepare to start their vaccination drives, any reactionary side-effects will certainly lead to a potential boost for vaccine scepticism. In such a scenario, using a vaxproof document as a vaccine certificate might be a drawback for the travel industry as it will encourage only a particular group of people to travel.

As per the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), even though the vaxproof document can boost travellers’ confidence to plan their long-awaited trips, “a vaccine certificate cannot be the only criteria to be allowed to travel”. Since some countries are likely to take a long time span to vaccinate vulnerable and aged groups, summer travellers’ group might remain quite limited. For instance, Malta will be vaccinating the vulnerable and those over 65 till May.

Speaking against the move to reserve travel for this group only, the MHRA has recommended that the vaxproof document shouldn’t replace a Covid negative test. Instead, travellers should be allowed to show either a negative Covid-19 test report or a vaccine passport.

The EU is pressing upon using this vaxproof document to improve tourist numbers in this summer season. Since number of Covid cases are consistently rising in the EU countries, lockdowns are likely to persist much longer. This combined with slow vaccination numbers will postpone the recovery of tourism industry even further.

Meanwhile, travel firms are planning to encourage business travel in 2021 by launching exciting vouchers wherein vaccinated travellers will be able to get a wide range of travelling options. Besides vaxproof document of vaccine certificates and negative test results, several firms are planning to include a CommonPass in the list of entry requirements.

Although vaccine certificates might seem to be the best possible solution to the problems of both travellers and travel industry, its benefit in actuality will be unveiled only in the times to come.




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