Exquisite LGBT Travel Destination for the Free-Spirited Traveller in You!

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3 min readSep 14, 2020

Travelling is a fulfilling therapy for most of us. For those of us who belong to the LGBTQ+ community, planning a vacation is a little different than others. Surely we want to visit places where we can feel the spirit of love and where people are compassionate towards all genders. Check out this list of LGBT travel destination where you can experience the best without any inhibitions –


Well known for blue liqueur, Curacao is a beautiful Dutch-influenced island located off the northern coast of Venezuela. Besides being a exquisite LGBT travel destination, it is also a great place for a dreamy commitment ceremony on the beach. You will find some premier beachfront venues for a perfect same sex ceremony. No matter what time of the year you go, make sure you enjoy the nightlife vibe. You can also see Curacao Pride’s celebrations, which are soon to start from September 22 to 27.


A welcoming city in Oklahoma — Tulsa has a dynamic LGBTQ community. It has the world’s seventh-largest gay centre in the world, that has always fought for gay rights in the state. The city has beautiful architecture and organises art shows as well. You can also visit the ‘Gathering Place’, which is a public open space that was counted among the World’s 100 Greatest Places of 2019. Some nice pubs to hang around in Tulsa are: Bamboo Lounge, Club Majestic and the Yellow Brick Road Pub.


Another exquisite LGBT travel destination is Uruguay. In 2008, it became the first Latin American country to recognise same-sex civil unions. The country’s laws are supportive of same-sex marriage too. If you visit the country’s capital — Montevideo, head out to eat some delicious food at La Cocina de Pedro, which is the most gay friendly restaurant in the country. Some places you could head to for a memorable trip are — Splendido Petit Hotel & Hostel, Mercado Agricola de Montevideo and Chains Club. You can also check out this gay travel itinerary that will help you plan better.

Tel Aviv

If you are an LGBTQ traveller with a bohemian spirit, add Tel Aviv to your future travel bucket list. For the sun-worshippers out there, the city has some beautiful beaches, including the Gordon Beach, Frishman Beach, and Banana Beach. You can also go to the Museum of Art which has the world’s largest collection of work by Israeli artists. Head out to the famous town — ‘The White City’ to witness the best of Bauhaus architecture.


Not many people know that Atlanta has a robust number of LGBTQ friendly hotels and attractions. With its popular Pride weekend festivities, the city is ideal for those who like to have some gala time with their gay friends. You could attend the Atlanta Black Pride, which is the largest black gay pride celebration in the world. Some places you must check out in Atlanta are — Georgia Aquarium, Piedmont Park and Oakland Cemetery.

Time to visit these exquisite LGBT travel destinations and make some great memories with your loved ones!