Fashion Industry to Undergo Changes Post Covid-19 as Brands Optimise Face Masks

The rising challenges due to Covid-19 pandemic have affected the fashion industry on a large scale. Consequently, brands have started adapting to the potential changes in the shopping behaviour of people, which has changed drastically given the current crisis. An increasing number of fashion brands are prioritising investments in their online channels, which will be responsible for major source of their future income.

As governments all over the world are pressing on the need to wear face masks, the fashion industry is making adjustments too and this will affect the fashion tourism. For those among us who like travelling with style, things are certainly going to change as face masks are now a major part of the travel accessories section of most fashion stores. Several large brands have started manufacturing face masks to help contain the spread of Covid-19.

Luxury goods manufacturers and large fashion brands, including LVMH, Kering, Prada, Lamborghini, are making masks that are currently reserved for the medical community and European relief efforts. Other brands aiding stateside are: Ralph Lauren, New Balance and Christian Siriano.

Many brands are using unique techniques to break the monotony of commonplace face masks and making them available to fashion lovers. Famous fashion label — ThreeASFOUR has started producing washable masks using cotton poplin and silk de chine.

The brand claims that the designs are built using Arabic and Jewish motifs. Serving its social responsibility amid Covid-19 pandemic, the company claims, “10% of each purchase goes towards creating medical masks for the support of the health community in New York City.”

Sustainability-focused labels of the fashion industry, such as MaisonModulare, are also launching online collections of luxury masks. Ranging from $18 to $120, designer Chrys Wong is making both simple, printed cotton masks and French lace three-layered masks. Some fashion brands, like American Giant and T-Masks, have completely shifted their produce to make lakhs of face masks. Sustainable dresses maker -Christy Dawn has introduced unique purchase schemes for her newly started face masks line, wherein for just $30, a buyer will get five face masks and can donate five to medical practitioners.

Even your favourite handbag maker from the fashion industry — ‘Joshu + Vella’ has started making masks which are up for sale at They are making both, with filter ones and without filter ones. Each purchase donates to a healthcare worker.

As a traveller who likes to make statement fashion clothing an important part of your travel accessories, you must surely head over to buy these masks to make sure you dazzle while you keep yourself safe from the Covid-19 outbreak. And what better than donating face masks for healthcare workers while you enjoy shopping for your dream vacation.



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