Food Tour Companies Culinary Travellers Must Look Out For

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3 min readJul 13, 2020

Travelling to explore the cuisines of other regions has now become a common practice. With special food tours organised by companies across the world, culinary tourism trends are now undergoing major changes. Unlike earlier when culinary travellers preferred exploring fine dining establishments, food lovers now opt to enjoy fare from markets, food halls and street vendors.

To experience what a destination has to offer in terms of variety of food, travellers are now more interested in sit-down meals made with local ingredients prepared at a resident’s house. There is a shift in the choices of culinary travellers’ as people are now opting to eat authentic regional dishes at Philippines, South Africa, India and Australia instead of high end places like Italy or France.

Sustainable food tourism is an emergent trend as people are interested in visiting restaurants that cook with seasonal ingredients sourced locally. With the help of food sourcing tours, you can see how regional ingredients are grown, harvested, transported and cooked. This way you can help the local businesses and contribute to a sustainable economy. You can also look for local cooking schools at your preferred destination to get a deeper insight into the local cooking manners and styles.

For food tours, culinary travellers can look for ‘Traveling Spoon’, which is a California-based food tourism start-up. Running across 180 cities in more than 60 countries, this company connects travellers with local hosts who prepare homemade local cuisine in their homes. The firm was founded in 2012 by Steph Lawrence and Aashi Vel.

Since the pandemic had hampered travelling, the company launched an innovative series of online cooking classes to keep all culinary travellers busy. With this launch, several individuals and families can learn about ways to prepare international dishes directly from their homes. Taking help from a tour operator who is a specialist in culinary tourism will enable you to create a custom itinerary based on your budget.

For an all-inclusive food tour in Italy, France, England and Portugal, you can consider a firm known as ‘Eating Europe’. In such tours you will not have to pay extra for the beer, cocktails or wine. For making some memories on your trip to Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima or to Tokyo, you can consider a Japanese food tour firm — Arigato Japan. On these tours, you will get to relish local and regional specialities as your local guide will take you to places that you will cherish for life.

Besides boosting local economy on their expeditions, culinary travellers can also make fast friends in different countries. In that sense, food tourism can become a means of bringing together people from diverse regions due to their love for food.