History Repeats Itself as Alcohol Industry Thrives Amid COVID-19 Crisis

History has proved that during difficult times, alcohol has always come to the rescue. The demand for alcohol amid the coronavirus outbreak reflects the emotional reaction of people during the Great Recession. Due to heightened stress levels, depression and anxiety related issues, the alcohol industry is witnessing an unprecedented demand.

As per a survey by charity Alcohol Change UK, people are reacting to the pandemic in two ways: nearly 47 percent people who were already drinking have reduced their alcohol consumption and 21 percent have increased their drinking since the beginning of the lockdown. Since immunity is the most important weapon in our fight against the virus, health experts have advised to avoid alcohol consumption as much as possible. For those addicted, it has been advised to drink within 14 units of alcohol a week and keep at least two days completely alcohol-free.

Considering the huge amount of revenue that alcohol sales generate each day, most countries, including Barbados, Dubai and the UK have permitted sales. As a welcome news for the alcohol industry in Barbados, under Phase Two of the reopening strategy the government lifted alcohol ban. Despite the sale of alcohol, the government have urged citizens to drink responsibly. As stated by the Managing Director of Mount Gay Distilleries, Raphael Grisoni, “We are thankful to be able to have our employees back on the job so that they can continue to provide for their families and also to be able to play our part in stimulating the economy. However, we want to remind Barbadians to be responsible.”

Looking at the m brighter side, some members of the alcohol industry are coming out as great helpers amid this crisis. Reports claim that the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) has announced that people from Michigan’s alcohol industry are making large~scale donations to reduce the intensity of damages due to coronavirus outbreak.
For easy access to alcohol directly from home, several members of the alcohol industry in

Dubai have started home delivery. Two leading providers, MMI and A+E have come together to create Legal Home Delivery. Famous sommelier and founder of The Tasting Class -Lindsay Trivers, has been entertaining people in lockdown by holding live online tasting sessions. Lindsay claims, “We can now offer private online tastings direct to homes and hotel rooms around the world and are planning on having a 12-week wine course live.” Besides enjoying her virtual classes, viewers can also order selected wines.

Although alcohol consumption offers much-needed respite during this crisis, improving immunity must be considered as the top priority.