Is Worldwide Tourism Sector Set for a Rebound in 2021?

The largest industry for over eight years now — the ‘worldwide tourism sector’ — hasn’t shown signs of any impending slow down ever. As a bread winner for many countries, this sector is a major contributor to the global economy. The year 2020 has dampened hopes of the worldwide tourism sector, bashing various tour operators, travel agencies, airlines, hotels and restaurants forever. While tourism ministries are doing their best to dip the sector’s toes into a better future, history reflects challenging times ahead.

United Kingdom

One of the most favoured tourist destinations all over the world, the UK has witnessed major fallout in inbound visits due to travel bans. The pandemic reduced the country’s 40.9 million inbound visits in 2019 to 16.9 million this year. Although hoteliers and airlines made hefty investments to lure travellers, the country’s second lockdown left the tourism industry struggling for bare minimum.

To battle against the stooping position of worldwide tourism sector, travel related businesses in the UK have now started adapting themselves to suit the needs of the ‘new normal’.


Despite being exposed to the pandemic much before the world could even anticipate the existence of Covid~19, China’s tourism sector has worked wonders to revive from early losses. After witnessing a drop in international tourist arrivals, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in China had worked to promote the concept of ‘revenge tourism’ and ‘domestic tourism’. The trend gained attention of people waiting to restart travelling during an eight-day public holiday, marking the mid-autumn festival and China’s National Day.

Middle East

Contributing more than 10 percent of global GDP in 2019, the Middle East’s luxury tourism industry is an important part of the worldwide tourism sector. Even though stalled travelling has severely impacted revenues for this sector, the GCC countries and Egypt are generously working to maintain their desired image as a tourist destination. Many Middle Eastern countries are doing in-depth marketing and promotion campaigns to generate travellers’ interests. Not only are they working to boost bookings for the coming year, but also aiming to lure more responsible and conscious tourists who can help the countries achieve their vision of sustainability sooner than earlier.

United States of America

Employing nearly 16.8 million Americans in the travel sector, the US serves millions of international and domestic tourists every year. Since a large number of people are involved in travel-related jobs and businesses, this country’s tourism sector will levy a larger than expected impact on the global economy in 2021.

As per records, several US residents have started exploring local sites which has led Yellowstone National Park to have the second-highest visitor numbers in August 2020.

Reports have revealed that the worldwide tourism sector will support over 400 million jobs by 2028. Although this estimate raises hopes of a better future, it mustn’t encourage us to restart the travel industry like earlier. Since travellers have gained increased consciousness about regenerative and sustainable tourism throughout 2020, the worldwide tourism industry must thrive to adapt or die!

As the travel industry is working to adopt new digital technologies for a better 2021, trend predictions are bespeaking for a tourism rebound that will permanently change the industry.




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