Portugal’s Travel Insurance Enquiries Gain Momentum Amid Rising Covid-19 Cases

There were days when people wouldn’t bother about getting insured while travelling. But the Covid-19 crisis has made people conscious about the fragility of life and the importance of having a proper healthcare cover that can protect us from unavoidable hefty costs. Since people have now started travelling to different parts of the world after taking proper precautionary measures, travel insurance enquiries have significantly risen worldwide.

In order to attract more tourists from the UK, Portugal has introduced travel insurance covering tourists’ coronavirus related claims. The number of enquiries are such that a Portuguese insurance company, Bónus Seguros had to deploy a ‘task force’ to manage high volume of travel insurance enquiries. Commercial Director of the firm — Marco Pyta was recently approached by Tourism in Portugal to run the cover for holidaymakers. For dealing with the rising travel insurance enquiries, the company had to set aside four telephone lines.

Pyta was reportedly heard saying that the firm has enquiries from Canada and Brazil, but most of them have come from England. Both Portugal Travel Insurance and Bonus Seguros are now offering travel insurance under the Visit Portugal initiative. By taking up these insurance policies on your future tours, you will be helping local economies to recover from economic losses. Moreover, you will feel relaxed while you travel to any new country.

French multinational insurance firm — AXA has collaborated with Canary Islands to pay for tourists’ medical costs in case someone gets coronavirus. A special travel insurance promoted by RNA Seguros de Assistencia in Portugal is aimed at ensuring people that travelling to Portugal is safe.

By introducing such insurance policies, companies in the region are catering to international markets to strengthen the security of the destination. Some are offering Covid-19 tests to all those who are coming to Portugal. Visitors can sign up for a health passport at the Portugal Health Passport.

As per the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), one in every five Brits have to take up medical treatment on their holidays. Even then, nearly 10 million vacationers do not take up a travel insurance before booking tickets. If you are planning to go for international travel to some place, you can count Portugal on your list with help from these companies.

Since the European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) has listed Portugal and Sweden as the two European countries where infection rates are rapidly falling, these two places are comparatively safer to visit in future. Despite such reports, the government is sceptical about dropping the existing quarantine measures until the situation improves further.