Post Brexit Tour Rules Likely to Affect European Festivals & Six Nations Championship

Tussled with the row between the EU and the UK, travellers across the world are facing multiple challenges in coping with the post Brexit tour rules. Since most British musicians will not be able to visit Europe without visa, concert organisers are perplexed about the huge spending that they will have to consider henceforth.

Many musician bands have signed a petition to appeal the government to resort their problems. Following this, a debate is yet to take place in the parliament on February 8. Since the UK is the main source of income for British musicians who generally perform across the EU, the strained earnings will affect the future of young and independent artists in many ways.

High visa charges are likely to impact post Brexit tour plans of several British acts, encouraging most of them to rethink their participation in European festivals. Although strong acts and artists might still get bookings from promoters or festivals, local new grown bands are likely to suffer the most. Besides facing extensive visa costs, EU acts wanting to tour the UK will have to go through a cumbersome bureaucratic application system and face additional custom charges for equipment.

Since band artists are indecisive about their future music concerts, fans are also sceptical about booking flight tickets to watch their favourite European festival live. This has forced several acts to suspend services until the negotiations are finally settled on February 8.

Besides causing a ruckus across the entertainment industry, the new post Brexit tour rules have also raised questions about the schedule planned for the Six Nations Championship. As per the organisers, the French government will have to reconsider some travel exemptions 10 days before the championship starts.

As per the current rules, all travellers from non-EU countries have to quarantine for seven days. This can disrupt the plans for the Twickenham, Scotland and Wales match as players do not have enough time to quarantine between the matches.

Although organisers are hoping to get some good news on February 8, the postponement of two European handball fixtures is enough to speculate potential impact of post Brexit tour rules on sports events. The UK variant of Covid-19 is another challenge for the French government.

Ever since the pandemic started, travel restrictions have affected income of people dependent on travelling for work. The modifications planned for post Brexit tour plans have clearly impacted both entertainment and sports sector in ways never thought of before. Time will unfold what actually lies ahead of new Brexit rules.




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