Qatar Airways Rescues Tourists Amid Coronavirus Turmoil

Qatar Airways

At a time when most airline services around the world have grounded their fleets due to the widespread outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, Qatar Airways is continuing flights to many regions. Besides sticking to most of its regular flights, the airline has added more flights to Australia, with newly introduced 48,000 seats. The Doha- Brisbane route is the first to be launched among the recent additions.
As stated by Qatar Airways CEO, Mr Akbar Al Baker, the airline will be working to help many Australians who are stranded overseas and hoping for an early journey homewards. The Chief Executive was quoted saying, “We know there are many people who want to be with their families and loved ones during this difficult time. We are thankful to the Australian government, airports and staff for their support in helping us add additional flights to get people home, and in particular, to bring flights to Brisbane.”

Sources claim that Qatar Airways is operating flights to 70 cities around the world with almost 150 daily flights. Almost 215,000 passengers have been repatriated to homes in the UK, France and Germany. While running these flights, the airlines has been regularly disinfecting aircrafts by using cleaning products by the International Air Transport Association and the World Health Organisation.
For removing 99.97 percent of viral and bacterial contaminants from re-circulated air, it is using air filtration systems that have industrial-size HEPA filters. In addition to this, for maintaining linen hygiene onboard, the blankets and linen are cleaned at microbial lethal temperatures. The staff has been instructed to wear disposable gloves and use properly sanitized equipments, including meal service utensils and cutlery.
The Gulf country has also come forth as a great help for nations like Rwanda , which are currently witnessing a crunch in medical supplies. Reports claim that the government of Qatar has sent almost 15 tonnes of medical supplies to Rwanda as HH, the Emir of Qatar promised. Several other countries, including Tunisia, Nepal and Algeria, have received supplies from the Gulf country.
Recently, on the occasion of Earth Day, Qatar Airways published a beautiful ad with pictures of nature, airplanes and cities, stressing about the need to take good care of mother Earth even post the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s what the ad stated, “We’ve taken it for granted, as it would always be there. We realize just how much we miss it. How much we need it. When this is over, we need to appreciate it.”

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