Qatar Initiates Online Registrations to Sort Travellers’ Health Issues

Since travelling is a cumbersome affair these days, Qatar has planned to ease quarantine rules for those who have some chronic diseases. The Gulf Country’s Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has planned to resort travellers’ health issues by exempting them from hotel quarantine. Quarantine exemptions will be offered to travellers who register online to get a medical report.

The Ministry has released a list of travellers’ health issues under Qatar’s Travel and Return Policy that explains which traveller doesn’t have to hotel quarantine. Travellers can acquire a medical certificate by logging in to their account on ‘My Health’ portal which reflects their health condition and entitlement for home quarantine at the time of flight booking.

The news was released on the Ministry’s Twitter account:

Further, the statement said, “Travellers with chronic health conditions must register themselves for the ‘MyHealth’ patient portal online to obtain a medical report and a COVID-19 test result from an approved health centre within 72 hours’ prior departure, or apply for a chronic condition certificate online through Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) or Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) websites”.

The list of vulnerable groups includes citizens and residents returning to Qatar from international travel, their immediate family members and their domestic helpers with the same national address. As per latest update, these amendments are set to be implemented from 2pm Doha time on January 24, 2021.

Adhering to Covid-19 pandemic, the Ministry has updated the list of vulnerable groups to support travellers’ health issues. Besides those with chronic health issues, the following people are exempt from hotel quarantine: Adults above 65 years, nursing mothers with children below five years, disabled children and their mothers, pregnant women, minor travellers travelling without a guardian, pregnant women and people with deceased first-degree relatives in the last 10 days.

It is important to note that arrivals from the UK, Netherlands, Denmark and South Africa will not be exempt from hotel quarantine based on age and health conditions. Also, family members of travellers belonging to vulnerable groups, if returning without the sick person will have to quarantine in hotels listed on the ‘Discover Qatar’ website.




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